How To Get The Right Views On LinkedIn

April 23, 2015

LinkedIn is the place to be in order to land a job in today’s world of social media.

Your LinkedIn profile has to shine – present a branded statement about your value, and present numerous professional recommendations – in order for your to stand above your competition online. Following are three must-haves for your LinkedIn profile to get recruiters’ attention:

1. Professional Quality Photography.

Employers can tell at a glance if they want to continue looking at your profile, and that’s not simply based on your profile pic. If you don’t bother to post a clear, professional quality photograph on LinkedIn, you might be skimping in other areas, too. (Be sure to keep out selfies, group party shots and years-old/outdated photos!) HR people simply don’t have the time to dig through every single LinkedIn in the system, just like they can’t check every resume from top to bottom. When seconds count, grab attention with excellent photography.

2. Complete Information.

LinkedIn prompts you to provide answers to a vast array of questions, and there’s a reason for this. They’ve found that employers respond to completed profiles. Don’t leave anything to chance — make sure you fill out your profile in full and check it top to bottom to ensure that you’ve included everything that could aid your job search.

Completing your profile also means connecting to your entire professional network. You never know, your college roommate’s wife’s company might be looking for someone like you right now. Having a network of competent professional colleagues makes you look like an influential voice in your industry.

3. Personality.

There was a time not long ago when resume writing professionals would tell you that to play it safe, you should be as generic and “every man” as you could, but that’s simply not the case today. In today’s loud world of interconnectivity, it’s vital that you find a way to stand apart and tell your unique story.

Your LinkedIn profile actually gives you chances to do just that — from your profile summary to the individual job descriptions and “Additional Info” section, you’ve got the option to sprinkle little bits of your personality throughout. Everybody has something unique to offer potential employers, but unless you show the world what you’ve got, you’ll just blend into the background buzz of the Internet.