Your Email Address Makes You Look…

September 21, 2016

unworthyQuick question: why does your email address look like that?


By that I mean: your email address appears unprofessional. Yet you’re using it to find a job, boost your career, and make an impression with the decision maker.


News flash: you don’t get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.


Furthermore, your email address says something about you. While it should say you’re a professional and a person about his business instead it screams that you are unfamiliar with your email settings, never checked how you appear to others, or – worst of all – plain don’t care.


If you don’t care about your email, why should anybody care about considering you for that $100K job?


Like I said, that’s just a small question I have.


This is just a sampling of emails that have floated into my inbox just this week – I’ll lay out the offenders like the criminals they kind of are:


»»» The Kindergarten Cop Email Address – This is the email that shows only your 1st name, as if you just learned how to write it in cursive using the 2 inches of lined space the teacher gave you. You know: the paper with the solid line that you were supposed to rest the bottom of your letter on, then the middle line, then the top line to guide you in fixing the height of your letter. Not to mention: the 2 middle dotted lines just so you could make sure everything was proportional.


Another news flash: recruiters are #busyBusyBUSY people. So how much attention do you imagine they’re going to devote to an email from “Bill” and that’s it? Not much – I guarantee it.


Can you please go into your email settings and actually write your full name in your email. Added bonus: if you have any designations after your name (you got those in the 1st place, in part, to make you look important, right?), then use those as well.


lazy»»» The Lazy River Email Address – Just as offensive as The Kindergarten Cop Email, this is the email address in which you can’t be bothered to capitalize your 1st and last name. I’m telling you: it really and truly just looks wrong.


What you need to understand is that this small matter of email is a large reflection of you, your priorities, and what you care about. You didn’t write your resume without capital letters (I hope), so why did you set up your email that way. And worse, why haven’t you changed it yet?


»»» The Email Address Email Address {say what?} – Another offender that frequently penetrates my inbox lists the sender as Face facts: that’s just you not dealing with your email settings.


There’s a very easy way to check this: a lot of people have more than 1 email address. Send an email to yourself, so you can see who the sender is. If the sender is anything but 1st Name Last Name @, change it, post haste.


»»» The Vanity License Plate Email Address – Listen: I LOVE vanity license plates. I have had one for years, and I will never give it up. There’s something in it that represents everyone in my family. Additionally, I love driving around town and seeing other people’s vanity plates. Sometimes I can make out the full words; other times I simply can’t.


However, your email address is not the time to put forth alphabet soup that confounds everyone. That just makes it harder for the people who need to contact you – and of course, the people who are making decisions about hiring you – to immediately determine who you are.


Every second a recruiter hesitates because he wants to make sure that when he’s sending to {hey, you don’t have that domain do you? – that’s an entirely separate article. But for now, please come out of 1992. #thx} that it’s actually the person he wants: Debbie Williams.


Being in job search mode literally means you have exactly 1 job: to make it as easy as possible for the employer to associate you with an image of professionalism. That’s how recruiters and decisions will tend to think of you when it comes to selecting someone for the job they’re looking to fill.


Make the email address your 1st and last name. Leave off the numbers, underscores, and periods. Doing so makes it easy on the employers and recruiters to find you in their inboxes and immediately know who you are.

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  1. If you want to be professional, you have to think about how your email address represents you.

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