• I Accepted A Job Offer!

    I contracted with Jewel in February to begin my job search. Following her recommendations, I had interviews almost weekly, was frequently contacted by recruiters and accepted a job offer in May (my top preference). Jewel was professional, knowledgeable, and patient! Her program works!

    Pamela Henry - Global HR Leader
  • I Got The Job!

    I Had Been Searching For 3 Years, And I Decided To Work With Jewel. I Applied For A Director Role, And The Hiring Manager Had Looked At My LinkedIn. They Called Me. Having Jewel Work With Me Helped Me Feel Supported. I Got This Job Three And A Half Months After Being In The Program Jewel Has.

    Elizabeth Kanaga - Director
  • My New Resume Stood Out!

    I landed a Software QA role! This was after applying for several dozen jobs online, but getting absolutely zero response. The look of my new resume definitely stood out, and my re-designed LinkedIn profile was helpful – they brought me in for a 2-hour interview. I start my new job this week!

    Lauren Finn-Jesus - Analyst
  • I Had 2 Offers!

    Because of you re-creating my LinkedIn profile and my resume, I was much more desirable to employers and recruiters. I had 3 interviews and 2 offers. I accepted a VP of Finance and Accounting job. Your program is great and it works. Your re-write of my resume and my LinkedIn page were amazing!

    Melissa Hall - VP, Finance
  • I Landed My Dream Job!

    Jewel is the partner you need if you are in a rut with your career search. I was stuck in this mid-90s mentality. But her program helped me understand where I need to look today. The work she did on my LinkedIn profile and resume tells who you are and what you do. Her strategy really helped me to land a dream job!

    john dan - Oracle-Sales RVP
  • I Got The Offer!

    I had been laid off for nearly a year. I submitted more than 100 resumes online. The hardest lesson for me to learn, which Jewel taught me in The Perfect Job Solution, was to only work through recruiters. One recruiter found me, and it took a month and a half from when she first called until I got the offer!

    Mark Hall - Director
  • 4 Interviews In 1 Week!

    I had been looking on and off for about a year. What was most helpful for me in the job search was Resume Revamp, because I believe the new resume opened some more doors for me. After several weeks of sending out my new and improved resume, I ended up going on 4 interviews within one week. The new job I got is Senior HR Manager.

    Nancy Routhier - Human Resources
  • I Landed A Position!

    I came into the program Jewel had, and she was the ONLY person who encouraged me and told me that my goal was not impossible, despite what traditional recruiters were telling me. So, I reworked my LinkedIn profile and within 1 month of job searching, I did land a great permanent position with full benefits! Jewel knows her stuff – she tells you what you need!

    Todd Victorson - Senior Accountant
  • I Got A Fantastic Salary!

    I had been looking for a job for about 5 months. Jewel re-did my LinkedIn profile and it was a huge success! I was truly getting lit up by recruiters because of this program! Plus, I learned how to search for roles strategically. I landed at a company 10x the size of where I was working before, and I got a fantastic increase in salary and benefits!

    Steven Colopy - CIO | SVP | Senior Director
  • 10 Interviews & 3 Offers!

    I followed what Jewel recommends and it absolutely does work. It started with using her keyword strategy to make my LinkedIn profile correct – I am certain that’s what caused recruiters to reach out to me. These recruiters were in my field, where I lived, and talking about jobs that matched what I do. I went on more than 10 interviews and I got 3 offers!

    Martin L. Waring II - Staff Accountant
  • Everyone Loved The Resume!

    I had been looking every day for about 6 months. Then I got into The Perfect Job Solution. I networked to get the name of the recruiter, InMailed her, and applied for an opening there. Everyone loved the resume you created – a step up in professionalism! The recruiter asked me to come in. 4 hours after the interview I received an offer!

    Monica Llano - Pharmaceutical Sales Manager
  • I Got The Perfect Job!

    After applying to over 50 postings with no responses, I came across Perfect10Resumes and learned I had been doing everything wrong. I didn’t appreciate the value of directly contacting potential hiring managers. I received two really good job offers. One was a “hidden job!” I got a job that perfectly fit my goals just 90-days after my search began!

    John Cecala - Regional Sales Manager