“I haven’t used LinkedIn & I don’t know where to begin.”

October 11, 2017

“I have not used LinkedIn before, and I don’t really know where to begin.”
You may not be using LinkedIn – the reality is: in 2017 too many candidates have zero or little presence on LinkedIn.


Perhaps you signed up a long time ago because someone in your personal or professional life sent you an automated email asking you to join. So you joined, but then didn’t really use it, didn’t know how to use it, didn’t care about it, or just didn’t pay attention to it.


But 97% of recruiters are using the platform. So, now is the time to pay attention, ESPECIALLY if you want your job search to not take months on end, but come to a swift, satisfying conclusion! {Side note: just in case you think you’re good using old-school platforms like Monster and CareerBuilder, nope: 89% of recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn, and 64% of recruiters ONLY use LinkedIn.}
What’s important is to make sure your LinkedIn profile is doing the job it’s supposed to do. You can’t just slap something together and act like, “if you build it they will come.”


Your LI profile has a very specific job: to bring the employers and recruiters to you!


There are a few things candidates are doing on LinkedIn that just plain old don’t work:


You’ve slapped a bare bones, skeleton profile up on LinkedIn.


Just today I was in private consultation with a candidate who had done this. When I asked him why there was no information except his employers and dates, he replied that he’s, “a private individual.”

Private? OK. But listen: do you want to land the job you love? Then you’re going to have to release your need to keep everything private.


LinkedIn is social media, but it’s professional. There’s really no scenario in which a potential employer will look @ your profile, scroll through your feed, and find inappropriate pictures. LinkedIn is simply not that type of social media playground


And as far as wanting to stay private from your current employer, there are some very simple things you can do to accomplish that so the employer or people who work there won’t see you, but you can still have a profile that prospective new employers can search for and find.


Here’s the next thing that’s wrong with your LinkedIn profile…The Keywords

I talk about keywords a lot, and I don’t want them to be the bane of your existence. Rather, I want keywords to be the building blocks you use to put yourself out there correctly, so the prospective employer immediately knows who you are, what you do, and the value you bring.


The problem with the way you’re using keywords is you’re using all the wrong ones. What happens is you take the terms from the ad you think are keywords:

— Motivated

— Passionate

— Results-oriented

Spreading words like these all over your LinkedIn profile is a huge mistake. I 1,001% guarantee you there is not a recruiter on this green earth who’s typing those words into LinkedIn to look for a candidate for the job he’s trying to fill. Nope. Those are not search terms.


The recruiter is searching for candidates who say, demonstrate, and prove they can actually do a very specific job. And those fake, false, phony, imitation “keywords” above are the furthest thing from specific that you can get.


Here’s what you need to be doing instead:


Flesh out your LI profile and actually say who you are, what you do, and the value you bring Use the keywords that have to do with actually DOING the specific job. – no one is interested in any flowery adjectives you decide to label yourself with.


Take this small action right now: look at your profile, and count the number of times you have anything like, motivated, passionate, driven, team-oriented, results-focused, dynamic, team player, go-getter, think outside the box, get the job done, go-to person, hard worker, or self-motivated.


These are not keywords. They are killer words. They are killing your LinkedIn profile. If your LinkedIn profile is just not working for you, come see exactly how to change that. I’m mapping it all out for you in a free online master class, “5 Secrets Smart Jobseekers Age 50+ Know That Make The Job Search EASY!”

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