“Basically, I Can Take Practically Any Job.”

October 12, 2017

“Since I’m in sales, I can do pretty much any sales job in any industry.”


Really? Let’s slow down and think about that one, because when you’re in the midst of job search, it’s important to focus in order to find what you love.


Where do you really excel? As an individual contributor who can come into a territory, find the customers, engage them, and expand their accounts month after month and year after year?


Perhaps your history shows you’re great when it comes to building the sales team, training them, motivating them, and providing leadership that captures awards and top rankings over and over.


Maybe you have the personality type that truly enjoys consulting with the customer over the long term, taking a deep dive into their business, offering a customized solution, then serving as a partner with them to ensure their success.


Those roles are different. And, I promise you, you only LOVE one of them. There’s a difference between landing any job and getting into that role you really want, where they value you, and where you know you’ll thrive.


So let’s talk about how to get there.


Write your resume exactly 1 time.


Too often what happens is candidates have multiple versions of their resume, or multiple iterations because it seems like you needed to adjust your story a few times. But the story doesn’t need to be adjusted if it centers on 3 things: who you are, what you do, and the value you bring.


The problem lies in not believing your story is strong enough. It is, though, when it’s authentic to YOU.


Don’t aggravate yourself or burn yourself out in your job search, by re-writing your resume every 2 weeks. It’s not the resume that needs to be re-written. Rather, it’s what you’re doing to conduct your job search that likely needs to be re-shaped.


Change your relationship with the job boards.


I’m going to bottom-line this one for you: if your job search consists nearly 100% of applying to jobs online, then we’ll see you in that new job in about 2½ years. What you need to understand is that job boards are, literally, where 98% of your competition is.


Particularly if you’re an experienced candidate or of a mature age, the job boards amount to nothing more than black holes. You’re getting sucked into the vortex of being repeatedly ignored and / or rejected because the ATS is kicking your resume out. Or if a human being is seeing your resume, they’re doing the quick math about your age, and moving on to the younger, hotter model.


The more strategic approach is to leverage the job boards to find out who is hiring, then make your approach directly.


Oh yeah, so, make your approach directly.


Perhaps you’ve heard of this fancy new place called LinkedIn. There you will find the human resource specialists, recruiters, and decision makers for virtually every company you’d ever want to work for.


Identify the specific job opportunity, identify the relevant person, and send an inbox or InMail.


This entire method only works when you focus in on what you want. “Any job” really won’t do. Specifics matter. There’s nothing specific about throwing spaghetti onto the wall and just seeing what sticks. While focusing may seem counterintuitive because you’re not going for every opportunity under the sun, focusing allows you to zero in on the opportunity, zero in on your value, and go directly for the win.


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