A Perfect Resume Starts With You!

You have arrived! What brought you here is your passion for what you do, and your ability to deliver results in your professional sphere. So, let’s talk about you, not just your jobs. Your accomplishments and achievements add up to a main message about what drives you and what you aspire to do. When you express your passion, that immediately tells the employer how you are going to add value. The story comes from your core. That’s what opens doors, gets attention, and inspires action – employers take notice!

Don’t Know What To Write? Don’t Worry. We’ll Get You Un-Stuck!

I established perfect10resumes.com because I witnessed too many people who didn’t know what to write or what to do, so they stayed stuck – stuck in a job that’s no longer right for you, stuck feeling emotionally deflated all day long, stuck getting little or no resume response despite your certainty you can do the job.
As a professional resume writer who has guided candidates on all levels to land interviews for the jobs they want, I understand exactly what’s

required to write a killer resume that makes a difference, gets you noticed, and opens up new channels to fantastic opportunities. What I do is bring your resume into the new millennium, turning your resume into a reverse search engine that causes you to stand out from the crowd and rise to the top. You’ll have control, and you’ll be ahead of the game!

Not Just A Good Resume, But A Great Resume!

For 20+ years, I have cultivated the trade secrets of professional resume writing. That means I put an end to all the conflicting advice on how to write your resume. You’ll appreciate never again having to cut through the overwhelming information online. I take care of the complicated matters that leave you hopeless, not even knowing where to begin: correct font to use, most appropriate professional resume format, best resume designs, proper resume layout, functional resume or chronological resume, objective or none, 1 page or 2, template or free form, printed or scannable, left or right justification, sections to use, titles that fit, and so many more advanced nuances!

I have the little-known techniques for how to deal with special situations like timeline gaps, industry changes, and lack of education. My approach is to create a cleverly-designed, accomplishment-rich resume that accentuates the positive, and emphasizes the value you bring to the table that most strongly resonates with your audience.

Since it’s hard to know what current hiring practices are without spending a lot of time-consuming research, it’s important that you blaze through your job search armed with a well-thought, well-constructed resume that speaks to what employers are looking for, reflects current trends, and leverages key words. I understand the other side of the picture: how recruiters evaluate you, the screening software employers use, pet peeves that turn HR off – and how to get over those hurdles.

Your Resume Will Read Beautifully & YOU Will Look Your Best!

Great resumes that really work are the ones that show who you are. Never again will you have to be seen as 1 of the 100s or 1,000s in the pile. Discovering the real you means embracing your professional gifts, making your value shine, and showcasing your good image. You’re expert in what you do, you have finely-tuned skills – you’re just not expert at articulating what you do

Because I have my finger on the pulse of this industry, I move you away from what the masses have done, so you understand why those tired job search practices don’t work, and adopt new approaches that put you in charge and lead to you to a breakthrough! This can be key if you have a hard time talking about yourself or are your own worst critic. It’s all about embracing brand Y.O.U., finding the audience who needs your particular style of brilliance, then showcasing that unique expertise.

There’s a better way and a smarter choice: I am a knowledgeable outsider looking in, because I can see and hear your real story, that, because you lived it every day, you may no longer consider to be compelling or unique. Alas! It is! The reality is yours is the only story you know. I, on the other hand, have seen thousands of stories unfold. 101% of the time, that story starts with what’s inside that you have yet to really tap into and maximize. I offer an objective perspective on what needs to be included or not included in your resume, to maximize the impact your story will have.

Get Out Of Job Search Jail!

If you’ve struggled to reach the right people, at the right companies, and get the right responses, then you’re locked in job search jail. It’s the same place where I was myself (in a past life). At the start of my career, I applied hither and yon for hundreds of jobs I knew I would be perfect for. And I didn’t hear a peep.

Then I made the executive decision to stop the random madness, and just go for exactly what I wanted. I found out who the decision maker was, wrote him a targeted resume, and he called me the next day. I interviewed for my dream job

(which, by the way, had never been advertised), and I landed the high-profile role at the industry leader. I repeated that pattern to land every job afterward. I can guide you, to take the guesswork out of this, so you let this be the year you interview for your dream role!

I am the author of “The Ultimate Job Search Guide: Land Your Ideal Role With Bullseye Precision,” available on Amazon. Also, my work has been featured in books including the Expert Resumes series. My articles, quotes, and commentary have been featured on Forbes.com, Yahoo, and 6FigureJobs.

You May Be The Ideal Client!

I am preferred by more high-performing candidates willing to take bolder moves than they ever thought possible, then welcome the positive results into their lives. Thousands of candidates from more than 25 industries rave about the practical, proven strategies I have shared. Historically, they have been student / entry-level, professional, mid-senior, or C-Level executives.

You’re ideal to work with me if you’re currently employed, but not feeling challenged or stimulated, and are yearning for a change. It’s time to break into something new – perhaps a reinvention. You’re know you have the expertise to perform excellently, but just not the knowledge that a modern-day job search requires. You may be coming across opportunities, but they’re not lighting your fire, or you’re making connections, but they’re not going anywhere. You’re submitting your resume for jobs you know you can do, but the response is silence. I can give you the power that puts an end to much of your job search frustration!

Stunning Results!

Getting calls from recruiters, going on interviews….these are among the stunning results clients achieve after I build a resume that showcases who you are, what you do, and the value you bring. What I hear most often is I remind you of the talents you already have within, so you know your value, own your uniqueness, and promote your good image with confidence and pride. My clients have said this produces terrific results, especially these days when employers have their choice of so many competing candidates. You need to see for yourself!

I invite you to email or call me directly or email me at Jewel@perfect10resumes.com. I’ll give you some straight talk (and maybe a few resume tips!) from an insider’s perspective about how to achieve success. My commitment to you is to deliver a good resume – the perfect resume or the perfect CV in fact – with unparalleled service that meets your exacting standards, so you can blaze through your job search with an effective resume that works!