The Cover Letter To Raise Replies From 2% To 40%

January 9, 2018

To write or not to write? That is the question. Well, the answer is: yes, you need to write a cover letter. Every time. And the answer to the question you didn’t ask me is (#sigh) you need to customize that cover letter. Every time. Here’s the cover letter formula in today’s video:



The typical, non-customized cover letter may get you a 2% response rate, max. But knowing your why, then following this formula of investigate, articulate, and demonstrate, can skyrocket your responses to more than 40%.

Now that you know the formula, learn how to identify the key decision maker, so you can send your cover letter to the right person every single time. That’s what we’re talking about in our free online presentation, “3 Simple Steps To Cut Your Job Search Time In HALF!” Register by clicking this link today.


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    Jewel.Thank you for all your excellent tips and thank you for sharing your expertise.
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