Over 50? Turn A 1st Phone Interview Into The 2nd

December 8, 2017

INBOX: “I’m getting phone interviews, but not quite getting past them. I know the recruiter won’t come out and say it, obviously, but do you think it’s partially because of my age?”

Partially, yes. The other part is, you THINK that’s the reason, and you’re carrying that mindset with you into the conversation. Trust me, the recruiter can “see” that through the phone. In this video, let’s talk about 4 key points you need to keep in mind, particularly when you’re a more mature employee talking to a young recruiter.

You need to up your batting average when it comes to phone interviews, so that you make it to in-person interviews more consistently. The latest statistics show most candidates need to take part in 17 interviews before hearing 1 job offer.

Let’s not have you keep on hearing, “You sound great, your experience is great, but it’s just not the right fit.” {They’re lying to you, anyway}. Find out more of what age 50+ jobseekers do that’s taking them from “job searching” to “job found.” That’s in our free online program, “5 Secret Job Search Hacks For The Age 50+ Job Hunter!”