5 Ways Your Cover Letter Just Killed Your Chances

November 30, 2017

That blank page sure is intimidating! How to fill it? Do you fill it? Should you cover letter be long or short? Should it be formal or friendly? Should it be funny, perhaps? It’s easy to load up your cover letter with all the wrong stuff, so let’s talk about how to avoid the key mistakes that are killing your chances.

I’m outlining 5 key points in this video that you can address today, because I believe in giving actionable steps, not just theory. If you have a weakness or a gap in your experience, tune in. Also you’ll find out the critical wrong thing that will kill your chances every time.

No reason to have the cover letter knock you out, especially if you’re otherwise a strong candidate. If you’re not getting responses to job opportunities that you know you’re perfectly suited for, then you need to find out more of what the smart jobseekers are doing that gets them hired. We’re talking about that in our free online program, “3 Simple Steps To Cut Your Job Search Time In HALF!” 1 of the key things you’ll learn to do is direct your cover letter and resume straight to the correct decision makers, and how to increase the likelihood that they’ll actually respond!